Flat Plate Limit Switch


The GEM KFLS Flat-Plate Hoist Limit Switch comes with a bracket to mount to a flat plate hoist and it counts the rotation of the gear.  Limit switches are to be used with a Gem Remote model ending in an “A”. The “A” denotes the remote has auto stop capabilities.


Limit Switch- Rotary


  • Counts Rotation of Pipe
  • Mounts to Front of Flat Plate Hoist
  • Auto Stop Capability
  • Bracket Mount Included
  • K-wire needed when using with GEM Remotes

Auto Stop Systems

Auto-stop systems allow you to raise or lower your lift to a specific position at the touch of a button. Requires the installation of one of three of our “limit switches”. The limit switch you need depends on the type of motor(s) that you are using on the boat lift.

Without auto-stop capability, you will have to hold the button down to start and stop the boat lift movement.


**KFLS Limit Switch***

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 14 in