Boat Lift Remotes

There is nothing quite as satisfying as sitting on your porch finishing your morning coffee and watching your boat being lowered into the water automatically by your boat lift remote control. Nothing says “leisure” like having boat lift remotes from Boat Lift Distributors, Inc.

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GEM Remote KAWIRE Auto Stop Conversion Kit


GEM 3 Button Transmitter


TEC Remote Transmitter


Rotary Limit Switch


Flat Plate Limit Switch


E-Drive Limit Switch


TEC 1 Remote

Starting at:$560.00
Gem 1 Motor for PWC's

Gem 1 PWC Remote


TEC 2 Remote

Starting at:$587.00

TEC 2 for 1 Remote


Gem GR1 Motor Remote

Gem 2 For 1 Remote

Gem 2 For 1 Remote


Gem GR2 Motor Remote


Gem GR1A Remote w/ Auto Control

Starting at:$663.00

Gem GR2A Remote w/ Auto Stop

Starting at:$694.50

Gem GR4A Remote w/ Auto Stop

Starting at:$1,099.00