Boat Lift Slings

Boat lift slings are the perfect way to pick up you boat in tidal situations and using our boathouse sling lifts.  Slings are constructed with 9800 lbs. per square inch high tensile nylon with ultraviolet protection and are equipped with a safety core webbing to alert the users of wear or stress. Have 6 to 7 ounces of Elk leather between nylon and pear ring to lessen contact wear. Tabs sewn with 5 rows of stitching per square inch. Are sealed with a UV protective latex coating that keeps sand and salt from getting between the nylon weave. This is how most wear occurs.

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4″Deluxe Sling

Starting at:$118.00
6" Deluxe Sling

6″ Deluxe Sling

Starting at:$189.00

6″ Heavy Duty Slings

Starting at:$209.00

8″ Heavy Duty Slings

Starting at:$269.75