SLX Port to Port Kit



Wave Armor- SLX Port to Port Kit

Maximize your water adventures with Wave Armor’s SLX Port to Port Kit! Seamlessly connects multiple PWC Ports for double the excitement using our innovative poly connecting pin system. Moreover, our design ensures a stable connection, allowing you to link standalone floating ports effortlessly.

Experience the ultimate in-water recreation with Wave Armor’s SLX Port to Port Attaching Kit. With our engineered design, adapt your layout effortlessly to suit changing water conditions. In addition, maximize waterfront space efficiency and streamline maintenance with Wave Armor’s cutting-edge solution. Elevate your water recreation area with the convenience and practicality of connected floating ports.”

Fits: SLX 5, SLX 6

Furthermore, discover the advantages of connecting your floating ports with Wave Armor’s innovative solutions:

  1. Expanded Space: By linking multiple ports to create a larger platform for leisure activities, including lounging, sunbathing, and socializing.
  2. Enhanced Stability: Connecting ports, increases stability by ensuring a secure surface for PWC boarding and other activities.
  3. Versatile Configurations: Allowing you to Customize layouts to accommodate changing water conditions or specific needs, thanks to the flexibility of connecting ports.
  4. Efficient Use of Space: Optimizing waterfront space, maximizing utility and property value.
  5. Convenience: Simplifying maintenance, storage, and management with connected floating ports, streamlining your water recreation area.

Therefore, dive into convenience and versatility with Wave Armor, setting the standard for elevated floating port experiences.

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Weight 32 lbs