SS 2000 LB Skiff Lift- Storm Surge

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Boat Lift Distributors has expanded its jet ski lift’s to include a 2,000-lb. rated all aluminum & stainless dual PWC lift.  This unit simply mounts on either a piling, seawall or fixed wooded dock.  The 15′ track will drive into the mud anywhere from 4-6′ which will now act as its own piling.  What does this mean?  it means you transfer only 10% of the total load you’re picking up onto you piling, seawall or dock.  This lift eliminates the stress on your structure which equates to longevity for your pier, piling or seawall.


  • Rated up to 2,000-lbs.
  • Powered by the superior AMS Power Hoist.
  • Clam shell cover.
  • Bigger over sized winder for greater speed.
  • T60-61 marine grade aluminum aluminum.
  • Stainless 7×19 aircraft cable.
  • Cable clamp adjuster.
  • Aluminum pile mount or dock/seawall mount (specify mount at time of order).
  • Wooden bunks carpeted bunks- 2″ x 6″x 8′
  • Cradle: 5′ 4″
  • Track: 15′ x 8″ x 5″


2,000 LB Aluminum Skiff Lift- Storm Surge

Easy to set up and simple to operate, the Storm Surge 2000 LB Lift provides a safe and easy docking solution for a small skiff or PWC.


  • Designed to put only 10% of the total weight of the craft on your piling or the dock/seawall.
  • The key is to bury the track in the mud a minimum of 4′ (depending on soil) which will act as its own free standing piling.
  • For this lift to work properly you’ll want a minimum of 4′ of track in the mud & minimum of 4′ of track above the dock.
  • In order to ensure you’re ordering the proper length track:
    • Measure from mud to dock
    • Add the 4′ of track in the mud
    • Add 4′ of track above the dock, this will tell you want size aluminum track will work best for your application…
    • **Note, the softer the mud, the farther you’ll need to position that track into the mud, thus a longer track might be needed for your application.


  • SILVER= Wooden carpeted bunks (Standard)
  • PLATINUM = Aluminum bunks


  • Aluminum Bunks
  • Wireless Remote
  • Longer Beams

Call 800-657-9998 and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales associates with ANY questions prior to ordering your lift! Boat Lift Distributors is committed to finding the best solution that meets your specific needs.

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SILVER= Painted motor & wooden carpeted bunks (Standard)
PLATINUM = Stainless motors & aluminum bunks

Type of Lift

Silver Series, Platinum Series

Type of Mount

Piling Mounted, Dock Mounted