SS 1250 LB PWC Lift- Storm Surge

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Storm Surge 1250 LB Aluminum PWC Lift 


  • 12′ aluminum T6 6061 vertical track (longer tracks available) Dims: 6″ x 4″ x 12′
  • Mount: Piling or dock/seawall mount, specify mounting at time of order.  (Additional pile mount bracket is needed on tracks over 16′).
  • Aluminum cradle dimensions = 34″ wide x 4′ long.
  • Hefty Hoist 3/4 hp motor & belt driven gear.
  • Stainless cable and fasteners
  • Silver Series: Comes with wooden carpeted bunks
  • Platinum Series: Aluminum 6′ bunks w/ rubber non skid protection



Easy to set up and simple to operate, the Storm Surge 1250 LB Lift provides a safe and easy docking solution for a small skiff or PWC.


  • Designed to put only 10% of the total weight of the craft on your piling or the dock/seawall.
  • The key is to bury the track in the mud a minimum of 4′ (depending on soil) which will act as its own free standing piling.
  • For this lift to work properly you’ll want a minimum of 4′ of track in the mud & minimum of 4′ of track above the dock.
  • In order to ensure you’re ordering the proper length track:
    • Measure from mud to dock
    • Add the 4′ of track in the mud
    • Add 4′ of track above the dock, this will tell you want size aluminum track will work best for your application…
    • **Note, the softer the mud, the farther you’ll need to position that track into the mud, thus a longer track might be needed for your application.


  • SILVER= Painted motor & wooden carpeted bunks (Standard)
  • PLATINUM = Add Aluminum bunks


  • Enclosed Direct Drive
  • Aluminum Bunks
  • Wireless Remote
  • Stainless Steel Back Plates
  • Aluminum Platforms
  • Longer Beams

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Additional information


SILVER= Painted motor & wooden carpeted bunks (Standard)
PLATINUM = Stainless motors & aluminum bunk

Type of Lift

Silver Series, Platinum Series

Type of Mount

Piling Mounted, Dock Mounted