600:1 E-drive (ONLY)


Experience the power of the 600:1 gear ratio direct drive, providing an unparalleled lifting capacity that effortlessly raises and lowers your boat with precision and efficiency.


600:1 E-drive (ONLY)

Developed and introduced by Aqua Marine Supply in the early 2000’s, the E-Drive was was the first direct drive of its kind for the boat lift industry. Our direct drive eliminates maintenance concerns with its fully enclosed double reduction gear set housed in cast aluminum. When applied and inspected correctly, the 600:1 E-Drive accomplishes the job with virtually no required maintenance.

The AMS 7000 E-Gear Series offers versatility, available in two gear ratios: 480:1 and 600:1. This expansive range enables operators to tailor their system to specific applications, maximizing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. With industry-leading torque of up to 9,000 in-lbs, the E-Gear Series can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

The E-Gear Series also boasts compatibility with 2″ pipe (2.375″ OD), ensuring a seamless fit with a wide range of pipe sizes. This adaptability allows operators to easily upgrade or retrofit existing systems, further increasing the value of their investment.

AMS 7000 E-Gear-600:1  with 1.5 hp c-face motor

AMS E-Gear Series

  • Available in multiple gear ratios: 480:1 / 600:1

  • Industry leading torque up to 9,000 in lbs

  • Through-shaft style output allows for mid- or end of pipe installation

  • All models use 115/230V 56 frame 1725 RPM C-Face motor

  • Adapts to 2″ pipe (2.375″ OD)

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 8 in

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