12,000 LB Classic Sling Lift


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This boat lift kit is great & can handle boats up to 26′ usually but just depends on the boat manufacturer.  The kit comes standard with (1) motor & gear unit but can be customized to operate a dual motor & gear system.

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12,000 LB Classic Sling Lift

If you already own a boathouse, upgrade your existing structure with Boat Lift Distributors easy to install 12,000 LB Classic Sling Lift.  The 12k classic series boat lift kit is the perfect boat lift for your bigger lake/bay boat. This 12,000 LB sling lift is designed to hang off the double or triple 2 x 10’s or 2 x 12’s mounted up in the roof, however, “C” channel can be used if your boat lift is not strong enough to support this large lift.

With our easy to install cradle and sling boat house kits, you can get the most out of your boat house. We have a variety of options available including boat lifts that utilize either a single or double line pull configuration. It is our mission to deliver the highest-quality products at the moist affordable prices to our customers for more than forty years. Browse our website to learn more about what our boathouse boat lifts can do for you.

12,000 LB Classic Sling Lift

Standard Features:

  • (8) 4″ galvanized grease-able yarding block pulleys with Pulley Mounts & Tie off Plates.
  • All attaching hardware…


**** Pipe NOT INCLUDED: 2″ ID/ 2-3/8″ OD, Schedule 40, galvanized Pipe Required (Not Included)


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