8,000-lb. Salt Water Series 10′ Alum. Cradle


8,000 lb. Salt Water Series 10′ Alum. Cradle

Boat Lift Distributors’ 8,000-lb Saltwater Cradle Lift Kit is the ultimate lift designed to tackle the salt environment.  This lift is perfect for the smaller bay boats & skiffs. Boat Lift Distributors boat house lifts. Aluminum cable tie off plate with stainless thimbles. Aluminum pipe supports. 1/4″ Stainless 7 x 19 aircraft cable.


8,000 lb. Salt Water Series 10′ Alum. Cradle

Standard Features:

    • 4,000-LB 1/2″ thick aluminum gear plate
    • 1-hp TENV sealed motor with electric cable, switch & GFCI
    • (4) Aluminum roof pulleys
    • (2) Aluminum pipe supports with grease inserts.
    • (150′) 1/4″ Stainless 7×19 aircraft cable
    • (8) 1/4″ stainless clamps
    • (2) 10′ Aluminum cradle comprised of T6 6061 structural aluminum
    • (2) Aluminum bunks with non skid or scuff protection
    • (4) Aluminum cradle pulleys
    • (4) Aluminum cable tie offs.
    • (4) Aluminum cradle guides
    • Stainless attaching hardware for the cradle
    • All attaching hardware to mount the equipment to your roof structure
    • The pipe is not included in the lift, that’s purchased locally


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