Gem GR1A Remote w/ Auto Control

Starting at:$663.00


  • Auto Control Capabilities
  • Limit Switch Ready
  • On/Off Security Switch
  • Three Button Hand Held Radio Transmitter
  • Options: Ground Fault IC 120/240 up to 50 Amps
  • Requires Neutral 120V AC



Gem GR1A Remote w/ Auto Control

GEM boat lift remote units can be operated at the control box or from the handheld transmitter. A wireless boat lift remote is the perfect finishing touch to any boat hoist.

Adding Auto Stop to  GEM Remotes

  • This GEM remote has the Auto Stop feature which allows for one-touch operation so that you do not have to hold the button until the lift is in the correct position.
  • With Auto Control you will need to get the limit switch that fits your boat hoist application.

See the limit switches below.

KFLS Flat Plate Limit Switch
KELS E-Drive Limit Switch for Aqua Marine e-gears
KRLS Rotary Limit Switch, a universal switch for all boat lifts (may require some modification to the lift)

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Limit Switch

No Limit Switch, Rotary, Flat Plate, E-Drive