SS 6,000 Lb. Beamless Boat Lift


This 6k boat lift is great for smaller lake or bay boats ranging from jet boats, pontoon boats, up to center console bay/very near shore boats.  The Beamless Boat lift is constructed form T6 6061 aluminum & stainless hardware.  Mounting applications apply to 4 free standing independent pilings or in a boat house.


  • SILVER= Painted motor & wooden carpeted bunks (Standard)
  • PLATINUM = Stainless motors & aluminum bunks



6,000-lb Storm Surge Beamless Boat Lift

The 6,000 LB. Storm Surge Beamless Boat Lift is a great lift for boats up to obviously 16K LB  This boat lift is constructed from HD T6 6061 aluminum & is overbuilt compared to other manufacturers within the boat lift industry.  The 6,000 LB. Beamless Boat Lift completely eliminates the aluminum top beam. It is perfect if your pilings are too short or if you don’t like the look of a beam on top of the pilings.

Weight Capacity:
No more than 6,000-lbs.  Need bigger, well we’ve got em’?


  • Constructed From 6061-T6 Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Motors
  • Guide Post & Bunk Brackets Included
  • Stainless Steel Cables
  • Aluminum Back Plate Gear Units have 25 year warranty
  • Bronze Worm Gear
  • Lighted Ground Faults
  • Aluminum Bunks
  • Lighted ground faults standard on all lifts.
  • Drive shafts open to permit easy access to cables and bearings, for maintenance and routine inspection.
  • No chains to break.
  • Twin independently Lock-on switches are standard.



  • Enclosed Direct Drive
  • Aluminum Bunks
  • Wireless Remote
  • Stainless Steel Back Plates
  • Aluminum Platforms
  • Longer Beams


Cal us today & see what the other boat lifts in the industry strive to be.  They all set Boat Lift Distributors & Storm Surge Boat Lifts as the benchmark, 800-657-9998

Additional information

Lift Series

Silver Series (Standard), Platinum Series