How To Troubleshoot Boatlift Motors

Boat Lift Motors Troubleshooting

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to head out on the water one morning, only to find your boat lift malfunctioning. Suddenly, that day on the open water becomes a day of stress and investigating as you try to work out what the issue could be.

Your Boat Lift’s Life Line

As a boat owner, investing in a boat lift is a smart move. Your boat lift will give you secure storage, protect your paint job, and extend the life of
your boat! The boat lift motor is the life line of your boat lift, getting your boat out of the water quickly and efficiently.

In order to get maximum use out of your boat lift it is important to do regular maintenance, replacing defective parts when necessary. There are a few classic signs that your electric boat lift is in need of service. If you notice any of these signs, consider calling an electrician for service, or replacing the necessary parts.

  • Your boat lift motor will start but not lift the load- This could indicate that there is an issue with low voltage or you need a different size wire
  • Your boat lift motor hums- This could be the several things
  • Your boat lift motor will only turn on manually- This could be something wrong with your wiring or the switch.

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Brands We Carry: AO Smith, and Leeson

Whether you’re upgrading your lift or replacing a broken motor, you’ll want the highest quality motor you can afford.

At Boat Lift Distributors, we only sell the most dependable boat lift motors on the
market. We are proud to offer several choices of motors from trusted brands like AO
Smith and Leeson. Our selection of boat lift motors ranges from ¾ HP to 1 1/2HP .
You can choose the motor only option or get one of our wired  kits (our wired motors include a 2” motor pulley, 15
ft. of electric 5 wire, a switch, and a GFCI in either 110V or 220V).

Boat Lift Motor Troubleshooting

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