JP 1400 LS


The Roll-N-Ride JP 1400 LS – Features 8 inline rollers 3/4″ above rail line for easier launching. The float also includes an molded in bow stop and tie down loop . Other features include non-skid surface and walk-around-room for easier watercraft maintenance such as cleaning, flushing, and refueling. This easy launching port is ideal for individuals wanting effortless watercraft launching.

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JP 1400-lb LS- Roll-N-Ride

Working platform: 140″ x 59″ x 9.5″

Weight capacity: 1400 lbs

  • 8 in line 3/4″ rollers
  • Molded bow stop and tie down loop
  • Non-skid surface and walk-around-room
  • Additional Features:
    • Made with foam-filled (EPS) for economical buoyancy.
    • Outer shell made with non-corrosive durable low-density polyethylene.
    • Floats with changing water levels and tides.
    • No skid slip resistant surface.
    • Linking capabilities for multiple units.
    • Optional attachable bow stop.

**Attaching Kit is NOT included**

**This item is plus shipping**

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Weight: 190 lbs
Dimensions: 140 × 59 × 9.6 in